Time to say goodbye to LiveJournal

I'm tired of the ads that take over my screen.
I'm tired of the ads slowing everything down while they load.
I'm tired of the ads crashing my browser when I reload the page to dodge the ad.
It's easier to do quick posts to Twitter and Facebook.
And if I'm doing a detailed post with HTML, I should be posting it to my website anyway.

So, I'm going to start migrating "important" posts from here to my website, and editing the posts here to post to that, and probably won't be posting to LJ any more (not that I've been doing much LJ posting).

The only bits going away from my LJ are time-sensitive things like "I'm having a giveaway, reply by [date]." Everything else will end up as a pointer to where I'm keeping it. No link rot!

I'll post when I'm done migrating this content, and include other pointers as necessary. That is all for now.