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Two weird foods you should try

I'm a fussy eater. Everyone jokes that I'm a vegetarian who "doesn't like vegetables." That actually isn't true, it's just that I (like most Americans) was raised on overcooked or overboiled vegetables that don't really taste very good. But give me a nice Indian dish, or pasta primavera, or a vegetable burrito and I'm quite content. "Fussy eater" just means "unwilling to eat food that taste bad to me."

I've eaten some weird stuff in my day, stuff that my friends boggle at and reject as utterly gross. Until they try it and realize it tastes good. That's because I don't waste time on food that tastes bad, so if I'm eating it, it tastes good (or _I_ think it tastes good, at least).

So here are two weird Sean foods that I think you should try.

1) Yogurt and Crackers, or Yogurt and Pretzels.
Get some standard fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt and stir it up. Spoon some onto a saltine cracker and eat it. The sweet and salt is a very nice combo. Alternately, dip the saltine right into the yogurt. Alternately, dip a pretzel (stick or twist) into the yogurt.

2) Texmex-Greek-Italian Omelette-Scramble
Break 2-3 eggs into a small bowl, break the yolks, and stir until it's a consistent texture/color.
Add a couple spoonfuls of Spanish rice. Rice-A-Roni's Spanish rice works fine.
Add 1 spoonful of pesto sauce.
Add 1-2 spoonfuls of crumbled feta cheese.
Stir together.
Dump onto a hot skillet. Let it cook a bit.
Flip it (the ingredients usually mean it's strong enough to flip in one piece, if not then turn all the broken pieces over and have a scramble rather than an omelette). Let it cook a bit.

Yeah, they both sound kinda weird, but ... yum!
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